A3J exclusively hires seasoned and recognized expert leaders in their fields. As a premium service provider, we deliver more WITHOUT charging more. Our consultants are united by our enthusiasm for what we do, our commitment to our clients, and our skills to get it done the right way the first time.

Who We Are

  • Results Driven
  • Nimble Solutions
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Useful Roadmaps
  • User Based Acceptance


We provide technical solutions for the IBM Maximo platform that improve productivitiy, analytics and project success.
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What We Do

  • Custom Mobile Application Solutions
  • Benchmarking Initiatives
  • Enhanced Support
  • Maximo Implementations and Upgrades
  • Intelligent Planning for Future Needs


If you are looking for a next level support system, our Enhanced Support provides flexibility, studied solutions, and personal attention.
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How We Do It

  • Intensive Research
  • Inclusive Data Gathering
  • Decades of Deep Industry Knowledge
  • Constant Business Evolution
  • Predictive instead of Reactive Solutions


Whether it’s time to implement Maximo or schedule your upgrade, we can provide the best solution for a seamless integrated process.
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Mobile App Spotlight

MxCount is a mobile app for IBM Maximo Asset Management that allows warehouse staff to perform physical counts of their inventory stock levels on the go. Counts are recorded on the mobile device and transmitted to Maximo in real-time. Users can also go offline to perform their counts and synchronize with Maximo when they come back online.

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MxReserve is a mobile inventory reservation app for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users can access the full item catalog and perform intelligent searches, including bar code or QR code scanning. They can also see availability information, cost, outstanding purchasing and reservation information, as well as add items to their shopping cart and checkout to create Material Requisitions.

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MxAdmin is a real-time mobile monitoring application for IBM Maximo Asset Management environments. Users can register any number of IBM Maximo environments within the app. For each environment, they will be able to see infrastructure information (such as the Application Server and Database Platform), real-time status information about each member within that Maximo instance, versioning information, and more.

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MxMeter is a mobile app for IBM Maximo Asset Management that focuses on meter data for equipment. On-site maintenance technicians can view and enter meter readings for equipment directly to Maximo through a mobile device. MxMeter also allows users to locate equipment, view meter trends in graphical format, and view raw meter reading data.

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MxApprove is a mobile workflow inbox for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users can access their inbox, review the records that are assigned to them, and accept, reject, and reassign assignments. All on the go, and all using the authorized IBM Maximo API’s.

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