At Labs we are dedicated to creating useful and innovative tools that make working easier, mobile, and timely.  Our applications can be found on the Apple and Android Stores.  They are also available for download directly from our site for current customers.

A few of our current projects include Maximo specific mobile based applications that take some of the most requested wishes of our clients over 15+ years of consulting and actualizes them.  Our goal isn’t just to provide a single, one size fits all solutions.  Our goal is to provide the best solution – one that is customizable, one that has the right bells and whistles, not just every bell and whistle.  Less is more in our opinion and our applications are streamlined and smart and designed to make you faster, better and more agile at your position.

Current Labs Offerings:


MxApprove by A3J Group, LLC is a mobile workflow inbox for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users of IBM Maximo need to approve or reject various system records as they go through standard lifecycles. Examples include approval of Purchase Requisitions to support non-stock purchases for Work Order planning, revisions of Contracts and Purchase Orders, electronic approval of Invoices, revisions of Job Plans, etc. Many times, administrators of IBM Maximo utilize the system’s electronic workflow capabilities to standardize and automate the lifecycle of these records. At times during these lifecycles, assignments are made to individuals or groups that require review and approval or rejection of the assignment.

That’s where MxApprove comes in. Standard functionality within IBM Maximo has users log into the web application on their desktop to access their Assignments Inbox. From there users review and act on those records. In the world of management today, who has time to constantly sit down at their desk and monitor their IBM Maximo inbox?

MxApprove allows users to view their Assignments Inbox right on their phone. Available on iOS and Android operating systems, MxApprove allows users to access their inbox, review the records that are assigned to them, and accept, reject, and reassign assignments. All on the go, and all using the authorized IBM Maximo API’s.

Download the Installation/Admin Guide: A3J – MxApprove Installation Guide

View our User Guide:  MxApprove User Guide

Download MxApprove Directly from our site: A3J Group – MxApprove Server Components

Download MxApprove Directly from the: iOS App Store

Download MxApprove Directly from the: Google Play Store


MxMeter by A3J Group, LLC is a mobile app for IBM Maximo Asset Management that focuses on meter data for equipment. As maintenance practices become more progressive, time-based maintenance activities are being phased out in favor of use-based, condition-based, or predictive practices. To enable these practices, meter data captured against the equipment is critical. This information, such as odometer readings, pressure readings, vibration readings, etc., can provide valuable insight into how equipment will perform in the future, and how equipment should be maintained.

That’s where MxMeter comes in. Imagine a scenario where a maintenance technician is in the plant in front of a piece of equipment. What are the key pieces of information that the technician needs to know to make the best decision possible for their next course of action? Meter readings can provide valuable insight into past trends and future performance. What if an operator needs to capture readings as part of a round? Writing information on a sheet of paper and recording it in an information system from a desktop computer is not only inefficient, but also prone to error. Recording the information on a device during the round promotes efficiency and data accuracy.

MxMeter allows users to view and enter meter readings for equipment right on their phone. Available on iOS and Android operating systems, MxMeter allows users to locate equipment, view meter trends in graphical format, view raw meter reading data, and enter new meter readings for equipment. All on the go, and all using the authorized IBM Maximo API’s.

Coming Soon!

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