A3J Support

You have implemented IBM’s Maximo Asset Management system and are ready to reap the benefits this solution will bring. You are now able to perform higher level Asset Management analysis, and more!

BUT several open items still need addressing before the system is where it should be for your needs.  You need more than just flatline support.  You need an enhanced support. The A3J Group is uniquely positioned to deliver this support model because this is one of our primary focuses as a company. While other Maximo implementation vendors concentrate on the next big project, the A3J Group focuses on enhancing existing Maximo implementations, furthering best practices through data capture and analytics, and corporate adoption and training.

How do you continue on a realistic path to the best solution while also controlling spending? What’s the best option?

Enhanced Support from the A3J Group is the answer to your ongoing support challenge. Our team at A3J Group has both the product knowledge and the industry knowledge to fully utilize your investment in Maximo for all of your maintenance and reliability needs.

Here are the key delivery elements that clients receive from the A3J Group’s Enhanced Support offering:

Service Description
On-Demand Support Clients can call, email, or submit an electronic ticket to access an A3J Group expert to provide functional or technical consulting assistance. Standard support SLA’s apply to these requests.
Small Project Support Due to the structure of the agreement, some clients may choose to execute small projects under the Enhanced Support contract in place. Examples of this type of engagement include implementing a new workflow, building a small integration from Maximo to a third-party system, or conducting a training refresher for certain groups.
“Push the Envelope” Session As part of the agreement, each client will receive an annual “Push the Envelope” session. These two-day workshop sessions are run by an A3J Group consultant on-site and will cover any topic that the client wishes. The goal is to identify challenges, assign priorities to initiatives, and/or design solutions to problems. This session should provide a roadmap to all teams on what the annual initiatives will be, and how to go about achieving them.
Access to value-add solutions The A3J Group has a Labs team that is solely focused on bringing value-added solutions to market. Clients with A3J Group Enhanced Support agreements will have free access to the Labs Library. One solution is MxApprove, a mobile application that gives management the ability to approve or reject Maximo workflow assignments, such as Purchase Requisitions, Invoices, or Work Orders, on the go.
Work Transparency All Enhanced Support work is tracked in a Maximo system hosted by the A3J Group that enables clients to have full transparency into the work being performed at all times. Clients will always know where they stand, both on issues they’ve submitted and on spend.


For more information about A3J Support, contact info@a3jgroup.com or dial 877-A3J-GRP4


How do we compare to other solutions (IBM Support, Vendor Support or Staff Support)?

Type General Knowledge Expert Knowledge Dedicated Support Contact Cost
A3J Group


Yes Yes


General and Advanced Support



(limited database searches)


(through escalation, long resolution time)


(a new voice every time you call in)


For general support


Advanced support

Vendor Support


Yes Sometimes

(decreasing priority from project end)

Very High

Rates running between $175-$300/hr

Internal Staff Support


(Usually informed rookies without tested skills)


(lack macro vision of the software and the different applications available through it)


(but limited knowledge makes resolving serious problems difficult)


 (costly when only expensive outside resources can resolve the issue due to internal knowledge shortcomings)