Founded in 2015
Specialize in Asset Management, Maintenance, and Reliability Solutions
Expert in Life Sciences Industry Best Practices for Asset Management

Services Provided:

Maximo Systems Implementations / Upgrades
Integration of Quality in Asset Management Processes using a Risk-Based strategy
Validation Protocols for Software Implementations
Asset Reliability Assessments
Role Based User Training

What We do

Our objective at The A3J Group is to provide useful results that serve our clients and help realize their goals and anticipate new ones.  We aim to be predictive and nimble, utilizing every aspect of business analysis and technology to realize success.  By doing so we are able to maximize opportunities and streamline processes setting an uninhibited path for clients to achieve new accomplishments.

Who we are

A3J Group is a solutions firm focused on creating business value for customers.  Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing and implementing new business ideas and benchmarks. The driving focus of our company lies in three tiers: design, implement, analyze.  Our solutions are customized for your business and its needs.  Our structure is fluid and flexible ensuring that no matter what the right team and skillsets are working with you to realize your goals.

Delivering new tools

Making data useful is the singular most important aspect of any business model today.  Moving confidently and with agility from data analysis to actionable insights remains the top priority for any client we serve.  Because of this we have developed a line of deep gathering analytical tools to use during the discovery, implementation and also the maintenance stage of any project.  Being ahead of the curve is not just a goal for A3J, it is our way of life.




  • 30 Years in Asset Management, Maintenance, and Reliability
  • Facility and Engineering Departments at major Life Sciences companies
  • A Leading Innovator in applying maintenance and reliability practices within EAM systems
  • 17 Years in Software Development and Management Consulting
  • IBM Maximo Business Partner Advisory Council
  • Finalist for IBM Innovation Awards
  • Innovative IT Solutions and Systems for fortune 500 companies

Trophy Wall

  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analyst
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Maximo Asset Management V7.5
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Process: Automation Engine V&.5
  • IBM Certified Infrastructure Deployment Professional – Maximo Asset Management V7.5
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Maximo Asset Management Solutions V3

Community Outreach

At A3J Group, we are committed to giving back to the community as a whole.  Which is why A3J employees play active roles volunteering in and giving back to their communities. At times, this can include exposing other people’s children to filthy mouthed raccoons.