Changing the hostname of a Maximo WebSphere Application Server

There may come a time when you need to change the hostname of your IBM Maximo WebSphere Application Server. This could be due to migrating the configuration to another machine, changing domain/subnet information, or copying a virtual machine for development purposes. Whatever the reason, this article aims to help get Maximo back up and running [...]

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Maximo email with Office 365

I've received a lot of questions lately about integrating Maximo with Office 365 for email notification purposes. Let's take a moment to review the steps necessary to configure this for your organization. Considerations: You will need to provide Maximo with a set of credentials that it will use as the "from" email address. All email [...]

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Maximo SSL (HTTPS) Configuration

I won't get into a lengthy discussion about why you should use SSL to secure browser traffic. I'll simply offer that your Maximo environment, especially if the environment can be accessed over the public internet, should be secured. Here are a few reasons: SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information SSL Provides Trust and Authentication SSL Can Provide [...]

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Securing Maximo by Forcing Users to SSL (HTTPS)

You've taken the step of securing your Maximo environment by implementing SSL in your WebSphere environment. However, just because you’ve implemented the SSL configurations doesn't mean users must use them. How do you force users to append that little "S" to the back of the HTTP when they navigate to Maximo? There are passive options, [...]

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