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Fast. Efficient. Mobile.

Streamline your workday with our
Mobile App Suite


With more than 20 years of combined hands-on EAM and IBM Maximo experience, A3J Group provides top-tier expertise including innovative and easy to use mobile apps, full Maximo consulting services and more. We consider our clients partners and our main goal is exceeding expectations.
Our innovative suite of mobile apps is the answer to your everyday Maximo work needs. Even better – the apps are constantly updated and enhanced as part of our program at no extra cost. As Maximo experts we deliver the solutions that make your experience easier and focused – minimizing error and maximizing efficiency.
Managed Services

Take advantage of our proprietary tools designed from our expert experiences to address common Maximo needs and processes. Our solutions make the day easier by automating, innovating and freeing you from mundane every day tasks.

With decades of Maximo experience we are here to work for you drawing from our expertise and breadth of knowledge in Maximo and EAM. We personalize our delivery systems to meet your needs. Partner with us to analyze and develop smart flexible solutions for your organization.
Read our behind the scenes advice to common issues within Maximo. Additionally, our feed walks through tips on how to get the most out of our MxMobile app suite.
Savvy technology tips you need to know. View videos on our vlog page, or check out our YouTube channel.
Alex Walter, our Chief Information Officer, sits down with other thought leaders in the IT industry to discuss valuable topics of interest. Take a listen on our podcasts page.
"As consultants, it's important to believe deeply in what you do and the value you bring." - Alex Walter