A3J Group is a solutions firm focused on creating business value for customers. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing and implementing new business ideas and benchmarks. Our solutions are customized to each client's needs.

Implementation Services

Maximo is a best-of-breed solution that does Asset Management at the enterprise level better than any other solution on the market. A3J Group has over 15 years of hands on Maximo experience, and has a deep knowledge of the industry. 

Mobile Apps

Innovative and customizable, our mobile apps work in real-time to simplify processes and improve efficiency. All on the go, and all using authorized IBM Maximo API's.

Software Solutions

We understand the need for efficiency in capturing information and capturing the right information, at the right time. Our focus is on providing a platform for continuous improvement and growth.


Let us help you continuously improve your asset management practices with enhanced support. Our team has both the product knowledge and the industry knowledge to fully utilize your investment in Maximo for all of your maintenance and reliability needs.


We take education very seriously here at A3J. From mentoring and training Maximo based solutions to sharing knowledge with the community, we understand the importance of education and the role it plays in achieving growth and sustainability.

Maximo as a Service

See how moving to the cloud can save you time, money, and headaches.

"One thing that differentiates us is our desire to innovate. We have the ability to bring modern technology to life with Maximo." - Alex Walter, CIO, IBM Champion


Mobile App for IBM Maximo Asset Management that Focuses on Meter Data for Equipment

Mobile Workflow Inbox for IBM Maximo Asset Management Allows Users to Review Records Assigned to Them, as Well as Accept, Reject, or Reassign Assignments.

Real-Time Mobile Monitoring App for IBM Maximo Asset Management Environments. Users can See Infrastructure Information, Real-Time Status Information, and More.

Mobile Inventory Reservation App for IBM Maximo that Delivers Detailed Inventory Information, Intelligent Searches (Bar Code/QR Code Scanning), and Shopping Cart Functionality.

Mobile App for IBM Maximo Asset Management that Allows Warehouse Staff to Perform Physical Counts of Their Inventory Stock Levels

IBM Maximo Direct Issue Material Tracking Allows Users to Stage Direct Issue Material, Track Issues or Delivery, and View Audit History.


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