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Tips for Logging into A3J’s IBM Maximo Mobile Apps

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably downloaded one or more of A3J’s mobile apps to access your IBM Maximo environment, but you may need some additional guidance on how to log in.  No problem, the information below should help resolve your login issues and get you closer to making your work easier, mobile, and timely. So, there are a few requirements you will need to get started no matter which app you are trying to use.  These items consist of your Maximo URL, User Name and Password.  This is the same information you would use if you were to log into Maximo on your computer’s browser.  Once you have this information, enter them onto the login screen and try logging in.  If your login fails, then you will receive one of the error messages below depending on what went wrong. Don’t panic, below are some tips on how to fix these errors so you can attempt to log in successfully. URL:  If it’s your Maximo URL that is causing the issue, then it could be something as simple as a misspelling or an extra symbol being entered by mistake so check for that.  Another thing to look for is if you’re using “http://” instead of “https://” or vice versa.  If you didn’t enter one of the two protocols, then the app will automatically add “http://” to the beginning of your Maximo URL.  So, if that is incorrect then replace it with “https://” and try logging in again. User Name & Password:  Once again, it’s quite possible that your Maximo URL is misspelled or an extra character/symbol is being entered somewhere, so check for that and try again. API Context Path:  By default, A3J’s Maximo specific apps use “/maxrest” as the API context path, but your Maximo environment may require a different path.  I’ve seen that “/maximo” works for our internal environment so that may be another option to try on your end. Timeout Length:  If you made it to this point and all of your information above is correct, then your mobile device may just need more time to log into the app.  Simply click the “Advanced Settings” button on the login screen and increase the number of seconds from “10” to “20” or more and try logging in. If all else fails and you’re still not having any luck logging into any of the apps, then please send us an email at and one of your team members will gladly assist you!

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