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Product Launch: Automated Label Printing from NinjaFix

The A3J Label Printing report solution includes a report and an automated process to print labels as items and materials are received. The printer used by the storeroom is defined on the storeroom record. If only a single printer is used across all storerooms, then the automation script may be adjusted to use a system property. The goal of the automation is to proactively notify warehouse personnel when an item or material is received through a printed label report. The label report should contain information about the received item or material with bar-coded fields to enable scanning. The labels can automatically be fixed to parts (materials) that are received. The report that prints at the storeroom will have all the information that the warehouse operations staff will need to fulfill the request. It will also have bar codes for key fields that will enable mobile applications to quickly scan and perform inventory transactions against the reservation. A3J recommends pairing this report solution with its own suite of mobile applications called MxMobile. This solution includes a report built and tested to work with a Zebra printer. Specifically, a Zebra 410 and 520 portable printers but should work with any label printer that supports a 4.09”x2.00” format. The report label is built to print the following fields: • Item number (with barcode) • Item description • Purchase Order number (with barcode) • Purchase Order line number • Bin number if received into a bin • Quantity at receipt (custom field included in solution) • Work Order number (with barcode) If either item number or work order number fields are blank the label rows will be blank saving space for additional information. To purchase click here!

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