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How to Disassemble an Item Kit for Material Usage Within IBM Maximo

In a previous blog we talked about the benefits of Configuring Item Kits in IBM Maximo in the Item application and how to assemble a Kit in the Inventory application. Kits are a great way to cut down on time needed to pull commonly paired items by grouping them together in a single bin. Kits also cut down on the number of items that need to be issued or requested on work orders. However, what happens when you only need one of the items that is part of a kit? Let’s consider the following scenario in which a warehouse storeroom supports Fleet maintenance. A pickup truck comes in for emergency maintenance and only needs a top-off of oil. When the warehouse clerk checks the bin for oil, they find no quarts of oil are in stock. There are 5 quarts of oil in another bin, but they are part of a kit. The clerk has a few options:
  • Issue an oil change kit to the work order even though only the oil is needed. This would cause the cost of the work order to include all parts of the kit and result in leftover items that are now unaccounted for.
  • Pull the quart of oil out of the kit and just don’t record any actions. This would mean the next time a kit is issued it will be missing the quart of oil, causing more questions and frustration down the line.
  • The kit is disassembled and only the quart of oil is issued to the work order. This is the most effective solution and prevents future discrepancies.
How to Disassemble a Kit in Maximo Inventory:
  1. Click into the Inventory application and open the item kit that needs to be disassembled.
  2. In the More Actions, menu click the Dissemble Kit
  3. Enter the appropriate value in the Disassemble Quantity field. This will indicate how many item kits will be Disassembled. Next, click OK. how-to-disassemble-item-kits-ibm-maximo-update-material-usage-work-order-inventory
  4. Now, the Current Balance of your kit decreased while the items that make up the kit increased in balance.
By disassembling the item kit, we have not only insured that the actual cost of the work order does not exceed the necessary cost of the work performed related to inventory, and the actual inventory usage remains accurate for future purchase requests given the items used on the work performed. This not only prevents having excess inventory but also allows the item kit to remain intact when it needs to be issued for later usage.

Watch The Video Below For A Step-By-Step:

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