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How to Create a Conditional Expression That Prevents Work Orders From Closing Until All Tools Are Returned

Goal: Create a condition where a work order is not allowed to be closed or completed until all issued tools are returned.
By default, Maximo will allow you to close a work order that has a tool(s) that was issued but, has not yet been returned. This can cause a lot of headaches in Maximo. I have made a remarkable discovery down below on how to fix this issue. First, you want to create a conditional expression to find any issued tools that have not been returned. The condition expression should look like this: ibm_maximo_maintenance_reliability_asset_management_close_work_order_with_open_tools This expression will find work orders that have tools that are issued and still not returned. A user won’t be able to close or complete the work order until the tools are returned. Next, go to the Domain application, search up WOSTATUS, and open up CLOSE & COMP Value: ibm_maximo_blog_create_conditional_expression_on_work_order_open_tools_tool_not_returned_maintenance_reliability_asset_management Click on View/Modify Condition, then add the new Condition created to the CLOSE and COMP value.  The Condition has been applied to the WO Status Domain. Now, Maximo will check for a tool that is issued and not returned on statuses that are changed to CLOSE or COMP. You will get a Maximo Warning Message. ibm_maximo_work_order_with_open_tools_tool_not_returned_create_conditional_expression_to_close_work_order_work order_status_blog Once the tools are returned, the work order is able to close or be completed. If there is a work order workflow, the workflow must be adjusted to check the condition for tools that are still issued before closing or completing the work order.  This conditional expression is going to solve all those work orders that have been closed with open tools!

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