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Workflow Delegates

Pretend you are going to take a real vacation, two weeks in Spain with no work laptop. You have planned and prepared for your trip but, what about all the work that is going to keep going while you are away? Work orders still need to be reviewed, assigned, and approved by someone. Purchase Orders and Invoices need to be approved so vendors can get paid. You know that giving your username and password to your co-workers so they can log in and do your work is against company policy (and no one wants to get on IT’s bad side). Lucky for you Maximo has a way to help you out so you can eat tapas in peace knowing work is being handled, it is called Workflow Delegates.

Workflow delegates allow you to select a single person to receive all records that are sent to you via workflow in Maximo. Maximo allows you to set a start and end date for your delegate to receive the records or you can just enter a start date and never select an end date.

There are some things to think about when selecting a workflow delegate.

  • Any records that were sent to them while they are acting as a delegate will stay with them even after the delegation ends.
  • For financial records if the delegate does not have sufficient limits and tolerances they will not be able to approve the record. Depending on how Maximo is configured this may result in an error message or the record may be routed to an approver with higher limits and tolerances.
  • If the delegate does not have security access to the application the record was created in then the delegate will not be able to view the record. Selecting a delegate with the equal or greater security privileges is advised.

Once you return from your trip to Spain you can log into Maximo knowing that work has continued without you.

How to set a workflow delegate:

  1. Navigate People application from Administration > Resources > People and open a Person record.maximo_workflow
  2. Populate the Workflow Delegate field and at least the Delegate From field.maximo_workflow

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