Our Labs team is dedicated to creating useful and innovative tools that make working easier, mobile, and timely. By empowering equipment and reliability maintenance staff with an effortless way to download, deploy and use applications, we believe our apps can help organizations achieve faster time-to-value as they embrace mobile solutions within their asset management practices.

A few of our current projects include IBM Maximo specific mobile applications that take some of the most requested client wishes over 15+ years of consulting and actualizes them. Our goal isn't just to provide a single, one-size-fits-all solution. Our goal is to provide the best solution - one that is configurable and has the right bells and whistles, not just every bell and whistle. Less is more in our opinion. Our applications are streamlined, smart, and designed to make you faster, better, and more agile at your position.

Looking for a Mobile Solution?

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Work Management

A mobile work management app for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users can create new work orders, and interact with existing work orders. MxWork provides the ability to create work logs, add labor time, capture electronic signatures, complete work, and more. Users can continue to work even when disconnected.

Mobile Meter Readings

A mobile app for IBM Maximo Asset Management that focuses on meter data for equipment. On-site maintenance technicians can view and enter meter readings for equipment directly to Maximo through a mobile device. MxMeter also allows users to locate equipment, view meter trends in graphical format, and view raw meter reading data.

Real-Time Status

A real-time mobile monitoring application for IBM Maximo Asset Management environments. Users can register any number of IBM Maximo environments within the app. For each environment, they will be able to see infrastructure information (such as the Application Server and Database Platform), real-time status information about each member within that Maximo instance, versioning information, and more.

Mobile Workflow Inbox

A mobile workflow inbox for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users can access their inbox, review the records that are assigned to them, and accept, reject, and reassign assignments. All on the go, and all using the authorized IBM Maximo API’s.

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Mobile Inventory Shopping

A mobile inventory reservation app for IBM Maximo Asset Management. Users can access the full item catalog and perform intelligent searches, including bar code or QR code scanning. They can also see availability information, cost, outstanding purchasing and reservation information, as well as add items to their shopping cart and checkout to create Material Requisitions.

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Mobile Physical Count

A mobile app for IBM Maximo Asset Management that allows warehouse staff to perform physical counts of their inventory stock levels on the go. Counts are recorded on the mobile device and transmitted to Maximo in real-time. Users can also go offline to perform their counts and synchronize with Maximo when they come back online.

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Direct Issue Material Tracking

A desktop app for IBM Maximo that allows users to stage direct issue material, track issues or delivery, and view audit history.