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A3J Group started in 2015 with the vision of providing clients a true partnership style consulting relationship that coupled our extensive experience in IBM Maximo with customer resources. We know EAM and Maximo and have been a part of every level of the Maximo roadmap from implementation to high level problem solving to best practices.

To answer our clients’ mobile Maximo needs we developed MxMobile, which began as a way to offer cutting edge, simple solutions for everyday Maximo tasks. It is now a full suite mobile application solution that can start bringing value to organizations immediately. The MxMobile suite’s ease of implementation cannot be rivaled in the Maximo mobile landscape. We are led by an IBM Champion, and we provide nothing less than best-in-class consulting and solutions.


A3J Group is a solutions firm focused on creating business value for customers. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing and implementing new business ideas and benchmarks.


Alex Walter


Alex brings 18 years of Maximo/EAM consulting experience in Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Water/Waste Management, Government facilities, and much more. He has been awarded the honor of IBM Champion from 2018-2021, and is the brainchild behind our revolutionary mobile solution MxMobile.

In his free time he buys camping gear, enjoys a good circular saw and spends time with his family hiking, surfing and being outdoors.


Kim Walter


Kim began her career in Investment Banking in the Biotech and Tech sectors. After leaving banking, she focused on executive strategic development evolving her business building skills. Co-founding A3J Group was a natural fit with the idea of creating a fierce ninja style unit that outperforms all others.
In her free time, she is training for her next eventing competition or studying to become a Master of Wine or practicing her tornado kick. She could be with her family hiking or surfing or cooking. But she’s definitely not sitting around doing nothing.


Kelly Nimmo

Director of Products and Senior Analyst

Kelly heads up our product development team and is a senior analyst with more than 11 years EAM/Maximo experience. She is the architect behind our flagship product offering MxMobile. She holds Maximo certifications in both functional and technical disciplines up to Maximo version 7.

In her free time if you don't find her on her boat, fishing and enjoying the beautiful Florida outdoors, then she's probably on the soccer field teaching her nieces and nephews how to do the around the world.


Bob Richardson

Director of Managed Services and Senior Analyst

Bob has led more than 50 (but less than ∞) Maximo projects with top notch client satisfaction – so he must be doing something right. He is a seasoned veteran who heads our operational & managed services team. He is instrumental in developing many of our solutions and holds Maximo certifications in both functional and technical disciplines up to version 7.

Bob might or might not like squirrels. He enjoys traveling with his wife and outdoor activities. He has also been known to spend long hours in his garage contemplating life.


Hunter Jones

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Hunter is an accomplished sales voice who has experience running large sales portfolios with increasing profit returns. He understands the value added sale and is dedicated to knowing what a client’s pain points are and finding the right solution fit. Because of his focus and effort Hunter began his career as an MLB pitcher with the Red Sox and Marlins and he brings that attention to excellence to his workday.
Hunter has taken his love of baseball to teach underprivileged children his sport and its impact on real life. He’s looking forward to fun conversations and working with you to resolve your technology needs!


Kevin Patel

Programmer Analyst

Kevin is our lead developer for MxMobile and has been instrumental in taking the product from a fledging effort to a full suite solution kit. To maximize his development knowledge for end Maximo users Kevin has begun to take on projects from our services side and has a goal of completing his Maximo 7.6 Certification.
Kevin started in Finance and Operations, but switched to technology when he realized it was his passion. It was a great transition and he’s excited to continue to expand his Maximo knowledge.


Courtney LeBlanc

Business Analyst

Courtney is a polished Maximo consultant with over 10 years working in the industry. She has worn many hats including QA Specialist, Trainer, Functional Lead, Project Lead and Business Analyst. A point of great professional pride for Courtney is helping clients meet their needs and realize the power of their investment. Being a part of the process that helps clients learn how to use their system and get the most out of it is a great feeling at the end of the day.


Greg Valladares

Technical Support Analyst

Greg has 6+ years working with Maximo installing, modifying, and most of all fixing things that break. Greg enjoys seeing lightbulbs go off for Maximo users (or any technical product). He knows when that happens that person just added valuable tools to their skillset that they can call on for years to come.

When Greg is not working on computers he enjoys playing music – sometimes badly - on one of his many instruments. When he’s not plucking his lute, he is tending his vegetable garden and making new hot sauce flavors from the harvest.


Michael Hatcher

Marketing Associate

New to the EAM industry, Michael brings with him over 4 years of marketing experience. As a Florida native he has employed his amicable spirit in the categories of hospitality, retail (Go Publix!), and most recently radio. He is a go getter, and is always thinking outside the box. Michael loves a challenge, and greets it head on with his creativity and critical thinking skills.

If Michael is not home on the Emerald Coast paddle boarding and fishing, he is likely hiking the mountains of North America or exploring a new city for its culture and rich cuisine.


Xavier Galarza

Technical Support Analyst

I am a recent graduate who is motivated to learn and develop new skills. I like to challenge myself every day. I want to learn all about Maximo in order to teach others how effective Maximo can be for them. I have a good understanding of the development side and work well with problem solving. I am grateful for the position I am in, I love surrounding myself with great people that are more knowledgeable than me who will help me grow as a person.

In my free time I love to play videos games, watch/ play sports and spend time with family. I am a competitive person and believe I am pretty good at all sports. My other passion is to stream video games I play and connect with others online, I love showing others how to play a certain game or even show them a skill didn’t know existed. I love entertaining others and creating content for others to watch and enjoy.

I have found that I like to surround myself with people that push you to be the best version of yourself. That’s A3J Group.
- Kelly


At A3J Group, we enjoy taking part of community activities and being a small part of the change for good. Every member of our team plays an active role in giving back to the community. At times, this can include health walks, exposing other people’s children to raccoons (the Boy Scout’s motto: “Be Prepared”) or helping them create air-powered rockets to learn about science and engineering. We’re excited to participate in some new opportunities this year.

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