Alex Asks Anything

Whether you are a veteran of the maintenance field or just looking for some IBM Maximo knowledge to take back to your organization, this podcast is for you! Hosted by Alex Walter, CIO at A3J and IBM Champion, our goal is to provide you with information that will help you better understand topics in and around the maintenance and the reliability of equipment including maintenance strategies, processes, technologies and EAM solutions, with a specific focus towards IBM Maximo.

Alex Asks Anything: Episode 06

Alex speaks with Terry O'Hanlon on all things asset management and the fast paced changes that are happening daily to processes and technology.


Alex Asks Anything: Episode 05

Alex speaks with Steve Richmond and Debbie Herbers of Projetech about Maximo as a service and the changing landscape of women in technology.




Alex Asks Anything: Episode 04

Alex speaks with Binesh Bannerjee, AI sherpa, about machine learning, applying AI to EAM solutions, and the curved realities of linking deep learning computing to humanity.



Alex Asks Anything: Episode 03

In this episode Alex speaks with Dave O'Reilly of Fluke Digital Systems where they discuss the evolution of AI within maintenance systems, how to capture and use the data from these systems in your maintenance strategies and the fast paced technology adoption that is opening up exciting changes in EAM.



Alex Asks Anything: Episode 02

In this episode, Alex speaks with Joe Lonjin of Cohesive Solutions about ‘aha’ moments that help define bold initiatives and change within your maintenance strategy, how out of the box doesn’t mean limited value anymore and that spot where Moneyball theory, college sports and Propel collide.


Alex Asks Anything: Episode 01

In our first podcast, Alex speaks with Tim Conrad, President of SAMAR (Strategic Asset Management and Reliability) Consulting, about the best in class maintenance strategies, plays a game of Maintenance Jeopardy and discusses how to survive in Florida with a failing AC unit.