With the new version of Maximo we are now able to use Federated MBOs. Federated MBOs allow us to show live data from external systems without storing the data in Maximo. In that call you can have a static URL or you can dynamically update the URL to pull different data every time. For instance, if you only want to see the last 24 hours of data in the external system you can update the call to do so. (Note: you would have to have the external data api set up to add parameters to the call in order to do this.) Another option would be updating the call based on the user logged in to show different data for different users.

In order to do this you will first need to update the URL on the End Point to call a custom automation script. You will need to update your URL to be replaced with “script:LAST24HOURS” instead of the hard coded date value. An example URL would be “http://externalsystem?data=script:LAST24HOURS”

Once you have the URL constructed you will need to make an Automation Script called LAST24HOURS. The script will need to look like this:

Note: The value that is passed back to the URL is what you set token to.

Now every time the user goes to see the data and the URL is called and the script will run to pass in the value to only show the last 24 hours.

You can pass in any value that you chose by using the automation script. It does not just have to be a date. It can be a value based on the user that is logged in and making the call.

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