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Since the early 20th century, Great Dane has advanced from a manufacturing company to the goods mobility company of today. The company stays ahead of competition by constantly evolving within the transportation industry and focusing on relevant cutting edge technologies and methodologies. With the goal of disrupting their current maintenance program, Great Dane began implementing standards and systems designed to advance their accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Much of these advancements were made possible due to their adoption of IBM Maximo and MxMobile.

The Future is Now 

Beginning the Maximo shift

Adopting the right mobile solution

Embracing change management



Strategic Planning

Fundamental Expertise

Technical Leadership


Immediate Value

Clean Interface

Cost Effective


Easy Configuration

Expert Teams

Intellectual Design

Taking on a project of this magnitude meant balancing open-minded change management with the need for technological innovation. Great Dane continues its drive to modernize their maintenance programs and capture the invaluable experiential knowledge of their most senior maintenance workers. The project continues to roll out new sites with measured planning aiming for immediate success and adoption of the new systems.

The Challenge

Great Dane needed a maintenance system that could take them into the future of goods mobility. The system needed to be multifunctional and capable of scaling with Great Dane’s progressive business initiatives.

The Solution

Maximo proved the most robust and expert at meeting the needs of Great Dane. MxMobile was the right mobility solution to couple with Maximo. Both systems allowed for increased efficiencies and better data capture and discovery.

The Results

Great Dane worked with Projetech and A3J Group to navigate the successful adoption of a state-of-the-art Maximo and mobile product. The roll out continues into new sites as the partners work to ensure adoption and success at every milestone.
The push to modernize the asset management program at Great Dane continues. Efficiencies, increased data points, and standardized metrics have allowed for smart planning, scheduling and successful expansions. The goal of a fully integrated condition and predictive based monitoring program is on the near horizon for their maintenance team as they continue to roll out Maximo and MxMobile to new sites.