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Maximo Mobility Hardware Integrations

MxMobile and HMT-1

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The Future is Hands-Free

There is a growing need for technicians in the field to communicate with their supervisors hands-free in complicated, and sometimes dirty, cluttered or dangerous situations. Collaborating hands-free can be the difference between resolving a problem in real time or pushing resolution to later, when everyone is physically present. As an answer to this need, A3J Group has enabled MxMobile to pair with a host of wearable, hands-free devices.

Maximize Your Mobility

A3J Group’s MxMobile Application suite allows enterprise grade companies to scale their IBM Maximo mobile needs at a very cost-effective rate. With the aid of our modern hardware and software solutions, technicians enjoy mobility, flexibility and effectively getting the job done right.

Critical Workflow Statuses

Updates to IBM Maximo

Works Online and Offline

Stay Connected

Our wearable solutions also pair with Microsoft Teams to deliver the “see what I see” solution to technicians. This reduces downtime, increases safety and maximizes the technicians time management. Through increased performance our clients have amplified their ROI and training capabilities.

Key Features

Scan Barcodes | QR Codes to ID Assets

Remote Collaboration

Voice Command Meter Readings

Create and Complete Work Orders

Complete Inventory Transactions

Thermal Camera Readings

Technician Preferred Apps


Create new work orders on the go, view existing work orders and attachments, and capture fingertip electronic signatures.

View and enter meter readings, view trends in graphical format, and create readings while in offline mode.
Perform counts of stocked items, identify and correct inventory balance errors, and record real-time counts in Maximo.
Scan barcodes or enter asset information and view maintenance facts. Perform meter readings, create work orders or service requests and toggle asset downtime.

To View the Full MxMobile Suite Click Below

How It Works

The MxMobile suite of apps uses the Maximo JSON API exclusively to communicate with IBM Maximo. To login users need a Maximo URL, User Name, and Password. Once logged in, the app uses JSON API calls to interact with the client’s Maximo environment.

Hear About It From Our CIO, Alex Walter

Managed Services

MxMobile HMT-1 Managed Services

Our MxMobile/HMT-1 solution is listed on Foresight. Foresight is a cloud-based dashboard that allows for faster deployment of our applications, updates, and security protocols. This ensures you have access to MxMobile’s latest and greatest capabilities on the HMT-1 device. Technicians can easily stay up-to-date on their preferred apps by using Foresight for product enhancements, support, troubleshooting, and sustainability.

Need Maximo Managed Services?