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Making Maximo Manageable

A3J Group’s team has been providing value-added services and solutions to organizations around the world for the past 15 years. Our team has 20 + years of IBM Maximo experience with focus on providing a platform for continuous improvement and growth.  Our dual objectives are to remain the industry leaders in developing forward looking benchmarks and state-of-the-art products that eclipse customer expectations and set a new bar for customer satisfaction.

implementation services ibm maximo

Full-scale implementation

First time Maximo instatement & deployment

Transition from On-premise to Maximo cloud version

Speedy onboarding to your preferred licensure

ibm maximo consulting a3j group configuration environment

Personalized Maximo environments and tailored solutions

Boosts efficiency and productivity

Reduces labor time and minimizes efforts in task management

Shortcuts, screen view changes, new tabs and applications, etc.

ibm maximo consulting a3j group upgrade environment

Upgrade your IBM Maximo with personalized, seamless effort

IBM Maximo Cloud

Upgrade in minutes

Little to no downtime

Most cost effective solution

Free upgrades of developer FIXPACKS within current versioning

On-Premise Maximo

Timely upgrades from skilled professionals

Individualized solutions

Optional Shift to Cloud version via MaxPlus+ which allows user to gradually move their on-premise Maximo to the Cloud

risk management service ibm maximo enterprise asset management a3j group
Risk Management

Condition-based and preventive maintenance

Round-the-clock and automate safety measures

CRON tasks and PMs programmed to combat downtime and equipment failure

Connect2Asset calibration solution available for integrating automated, mountable monitoring devices which attach directly to assets

key performance indicators strategic data analysis ibm maximo consulting a3j group
Strategic Performance and KPIs

Proficient data analysis

Historical and statistical reporting

Personalized report creation

Predictive failure prevention

remain in compliance regulations ibm maximo consulting a3j group eam
Compliance Adherence

Licensure handling

Critical data reporting and record keeping

Regulation conformity

Automatic reminders and notifications

Incident prevention measures

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