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Intermountain Power Service Corporation provides electrical power for residents of California and Utah using two 950-megawatt steam electric generating units hosted at their 4,640-acre generating station. They consistently rank among the best of America’s coal-based power plants in reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. By 2025, IPSC will convert their facility from a coal plant to a combined cycle natural gas plant burning a 30% blend of hydrogen on day one working up toward 100% hydrogen by 2045 as a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable energy.

Empowering A Workforce From Within

Managing Licensure

Adopting a mobile solution for maximized efficiency

Configuring Maximo to improve user experience and organization

Maintaining compliance and accountability

Training staff to become self-sufficient in Maximo

Managed Service
  • System Integration
  • Advanced Report Creation
  • Data Loading and Analysis
  • On-site Training
  • Compliance and System Monitoring
  • Streamlined Production and Operations
  • Paperless Maximo Submission
  • Offline Transactions
  • Affordable Mobile Solutions
  • Configurable Features
  • Reduced Labor Time and Cost
  • Personalized Maximo Solutions
  • Automated Maintenance Performance
  • New Fields, Tables, Application Configurations, Start Centers, KPIs, etc.
  • Optimized View Screens, List Views, Auditing Tools, and more
  • Easy to Use Buildouts Inspired by Maintenance Best Practices
A crucial part of maintaining their reputation for quality and reliability is their use of Maximo to help them manage their assets. IPSC has now been successfully using Maximo for about six years.

The Challenge

IPSC wanted to ensure they were making use of every aspect Maximo has to offer, including mobility, without having a surplus of license count, but they did not have the knowledge-base in-house.

The Solution

IPSC adopted Maximo Plus+ to combat licensing discrepancies and employs A3J Group for Maximo consulting, training, managed services, and mobility.

The Results

Licensure and compliance are now the responsibility of A3J Group, and the interface of IPSC’s Maximo is personalized for intense functionality site-wide and entirely mobile capable.


IPSC gained a full range of Maximo’s benefits to promote a highly efficient, faster, and increasingly accessible database for maintenance and reliability. Through training, employees have the knowledge and tools to be self-sufficient in Maximo.
IPSC’s already involved asset management has improved significantly and its employees are proficient in Maximo. By integrating best practices and personalized solutions into IPSC’s operation they now conduct with higher cost-effectivenes and efficiency.