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We started compiling a list of our experiences, solutions, and ideas so that we could share them with the Maximo community. We constantly update our library with new articles that share our knowledge and problem solving results.


Ibm_mxmobile_maximo Mobile_app_maintenance_reliability_work_order_asset_management_inventory_count_create_meter_reading

MxMobile Update November 2022 Release

As an IBM Maximo mobile solution provider, A3J Group consistently improves the functionality and features of MxMobile. Enriching the experience…

Ibm_maximo_troubleshooting_work_order_conditional_expression_open_tools_close_work Order_prevent

How to Create a Conditional Expression That Prevents Work Orders From Closing Until All Tools Are Returned

Goal: Create a condition where a work order is not allowed to be closed or completed until all issued tools…

Ibm Maximo How To Disassemble Item Kits In Inventory Application

How to Disassemble an Item Kit for Material Usage Within IBM Maximo

In a previous blog we talked about the benefits of Configuring Item Kits in IBM Maximo in the Item application…


Log4J Security Vulnerability System Patching for WebSphere

At the end of 2021, many companies were faced with the log4j security vulnerabilities. This was a worldwide security that…


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