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Managed Services

We have a host of solutions that can be integrated into your workday. Our team has over 20 years of experience in IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Rest-assured that through our expertise your Maximo environment will perform more efficiently, and will be configured to fit your needs. A3J Group offers a number of services that have proven to yield positive results. We remain customer oriented and believe that true success comes from solving problems, monitoring conditions, and implementing proactive maintenance solutions.


Through the years our team has been able to establish customary best practices and share them with the IBM Maximo community. Every client has individual needs that can’t always be answer by a blanket solution. Our expertise allows us to develop targeted, scalable and flexible solutions within Maximo for every functionality. From specific Service Request needs to automation for PMs and other requests based on key KPI and metrics, we have the solutions your team needs to be the most versatile maintenance team they can be. We listen to the wants of our customers and build out tailored solutions to your needs in a streamlined and trainable format.

A3J Group has extensive knowledge in integration. Whether you need to bring users into the system, create data such as meter readings, or send data such as work orders to other systems outside of IBM Maximo, we can accomplish that. Our team uses multiple methods of integration. For example, the Maximo API, direct links to other systems, or autoscripts which all push and pull data to and from IBM Maximo on a scheduled basis. Even our mobile applications for IBM Maximo, MxMobile, use the Maximo API to communicate with Maximo.

Migrating data from one system to another can be a huge undertaking. Using tools such as the MXLoader, database queries and dbc files, A3J Group combats the challenges of data migration for you. On top of that, end users will be able to access files our team has created which are made to house data that IBM Maximo can understand when migration occurs. A3J Group has fine tuned the data loading process so that it is repeatable, adjustable and most importantly, compatible. We pair our data loading files with a number of automation scripts that act as an “easy button” so all you have to do is let the data run into Maximo effortlessly.

Our development team sits down with clients to outline exact data needs for their reporting requirements. Once your reports are designed and configured we work to automate and schedule them. Some examples of our reports include PM Forecasting, User Monitoring, License Monitoring, PO packages etc. We can also teach IBM Maximo users how to install BIRT, connect it to Maximo and create reports internally. Continuous learning and training are fundamental aspects of our managed services platform.

Our goal in creating workflows for customers is to optimize business processes. Whether your team needs an entirely new workflow or wants to improve upon an existing workflow, we have decades of experience to accomplish any goals. We have created workflows for clients which have been configured to call automation scripts. Some workflows may prompt IBM Maximo to provide further details within the workflow that are not normally included in Maximo out of the box. Other solutions we have created include automatic reminders that notify personnel when certifications and licenses are about to expire, or autogenerate database backups and restores, clean up logs and more.

We have created multiple custom applications from scratch with new database objects and applications, simultaneously adding automation scripts to allow changing of statuses, and creating a new workflow to go with this new application. We can create new fields, new tables, application configurations, new start centers, KPIs, etc. You name it, we can do it! We even have a process that will reload everyone’s start centers when updated, instead of having each user push the refresh button on their individual start center. Our goal is to make your IBM Maximo environment more efficient based on the needs of each role. We can also create automation scripts to help with users screens, calculations for field changes such as updating or changing size and color of fields on screens. We have also created screens to show the audit data in an easy to use format; this data normally isn’t displayed in Maximo.

Our team is fully equipped with the skills and experience to train your company on best practices, tips, and tricks focused on making your daily operations in IBM Maximo more efficient and effective. Learn how to maximize your Maximo through proper guidance and increase your time to value ratio. Our main goal is to grow your team’s knowledge so they can become self-sufficient in Maximo. This often requires hands-on recorded sessions with A3J Group’s support team, which can be referred to later as needed.

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Ninja Fix

Ninja Fix is a suite of useful Maximo solutions that tackle the everyday needs of Maximo users. We have created reports, autoscripts and enhancements that make your IBM Maximo environment more dependable. These solutions are designed to strengthen Maximo systems by way of simplifying often encountered tasks and automating labor-saving work all while maximizing productivity. The Ninja Fix solutions can be downloaded by IBM Maximo users here!

Licensing and Cloud Service


Maximo as a Service is an easily deployable computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), taking minutes to deploy and minimal effort. With low upfront costs related to hardware, real estate, utilities, etc. the benefits are clear soon after adoption. The security and compliance of utilizing MaaS are state-of-the-art. Typically, vendors have large teams of security experts and can meet industry-specific requirements, which takes that burden off users.


Maximo from IBM provides a powerful Enterprise Asset Management application for organizations, but it’s a complex platform that needs specialized IT staff to get the most out of it. If you use Maximo and you’re struggling with implementation, adoption and ongoing support, MaxPlus+ is a value-added solution made for you. The intention is to take your teams current CMMS solution, whether that is IBM Maximo or not, and methodically transition it to the IBM Maximo cloud.

Benefits of Software as a Service

• Usually accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device
• Vendor handles disaster recovery
• Vendors have high availability for support
• Vendor handles upgrades for you
• New features are available immediately
• Minimized downtime
• Vendor handles most hardware and software management tasks

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