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Ninja Fix is a suite of useful Maximo solutions that tackle the everyday needs of Maximo users. These solutions are proven to provide clients Highest And Best Use (HABU) of their time and efforts. The Ninja Fix solutions were developed by the A3J Group team over decades of experience working with and developing best practices in IBM Maximo.  The efficiency and effectiveness of these solutions give way to the name, “Ninja Fix.”

A3J Group’s team has been providing value-added services and solutions to organizations around the world for the past 15 years. We focus on providing a platform for continuous improvement and growth.  Our dual objectives are to remain the industry leaders in developing forward looking benchmarks and state-of-the-art products that eclipse customer expectations and set a new bar for customer satisfaction.


The Duplicate Start Center Solution

If you’ve ever tried to create a Start Center in Maximo you know it can be a time consuming process. This solution allows administrators to easily duplicate an existing Start Center Template as a starting point for developing the next one. It’s a small but powerful tool.

Barcode Label Reports Bundle
Our Barcode Label Reports are an efficient solution to your warehouse management. Manage your inventory, automate pickups and stay on top of restocking. And do it all with only a quick barcode scan.
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