For this scenario I wanted an option to easily open attachments without having to go to each individual record, then the attachment icon, then waiting for the dialog to open then selecting the image to open it. I wanted to save time looking at attachments for a bunch of records. (Note: This only works if there is only one attachment that you can identify to open.)

In this case we took a meter reading and have an image that goes with that meter reading in Maximo. So, there is only one image per reading.

In order to do this, you need to go to Application Designer. Find the application you want to add an image link to. Find the table you want to use and add a new tablecol to that table. Open the tablecol properties and fill out the following fields:

Type: OPENURL (Note: This was done in the xml by exporting the application and updating the field and importing the application. This value is not an option in most Maximo environments in the drop-down list for the type field)


















For the Attribute and URL Attribute you can append as many relationships as you need. For our scenario we added a relationship to the MEASUREMENT table called DOCLINKS with a Child Table of DOCLINKS table that has the image. The whereclause for that relationship is “ownertable = ‘MEASUREMENT’ and ownerid = :MEASUREMENTID”. The table that we are adding the tablecol to is MEASUREMENT.

Once you have updated the application. Save your changes and go to the application. You will see an update to your table that looks like:





The underline and the blue text indicate that you can click that and the attachment will open.

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One Thought on “Opening an Attachment on List Tab”

  • Nice job. I’ve always wondered if hover can be applied to that column so you can see a preview of the attachment just by hovering over the link.

    I experimenting with ranking attachments using regex to rank JPEG and PNG first (before DOCX, PDF) but it had limited usefulness. With multiple attachments, you inevitably run into the query picking the less desirable image. But for 1:1 situations, this is great. I’ll have to bring this idea up with the group.

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