MxMobile: Using Saved Queries with A3J Group’s Mobile Apps for IBM Maximo

As we all know, saved queries can make our workload much easier to manage when you’re having to sort through hundreds of records in Maximo.  However, have you ever created a saved query in Maximo and you weren’t able to find that query on one of A3J Group’s mobile apps?  You’re not alone, it’s happened to me too and the solution is very simple to follow.


For this example, I will use MxWork as the mobile app. In Maximo, I created a query on the Work Order Tracking application called “Environmental Group WOs” that displays all of the work orders with a person group of “ENV” and with a status of “APPR” and “INPRG”.


saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App


When I save this query and log into the MxWork mobile application and navigate to the Saved Queries list, I won’t see this query.  Why is that?  Well, the saved query has to be available in the API in order to access it from the mobile apps.  So, with the addition of Query Definitions in Maximo, we can select the query in the Object Structure for that specific application which will then allow the query to be accessible from the API.


If you open the details of the Object Structure, in this example we’re looking at MXWODETAIL, you’ll see Query Definitions listed under More Actions.  This is where you will add your query.  If you do not see your query in the lookup, you may need to make your query public by accessing View/Manage Queries and checking the box underneath Public.  Below are the three fields that are required:

  • Query Type: appclause
  • App Name: WOTRACK
  • Query Clause Name: Environmental Group WOs

asset management saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App


After I click OK and reload the Saved Queries list in MxWork, I now see the Environmental Group WOs query.  What’s also great about this solution is that the same process applies to all of A3J Group’s mobile apps!

using saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App

Maximo Mobile App saved queries used in MxMobile A3J Group asset management