MxMobile Update March 2022 Release

A3J Group is #AlwaysInnovating in order to bring state-of-the-art enhancements to the IBM Maximo community. Our 20+ years of experience in Maximo allows us to deliver end users the proper support and solutions needed to maximize efficiency. We strive to remain thought leaders in the community and we face common issues and challenges head-on. Our suite of mobile apps for IBM Maximo, MxMobile, gives users access to IBM Maximo from their mobile device. Our apps allow Maximo users the ability to create and edit work orders, generate meter readings, manage inventory and more.

As an IBM Maximo mobile solution provider, A3J Group consistently improves the functionality and features of MxMobile. Enriching the experience of MxMobile users is not only our passion, but necessary. Our users enjoy the freedom of Maximo mobility and are happy to report bugs and request interface features, and our team actively delivers on those requests. You can download MxMobile apps from the Apple App or Google Play store and enjoy a 30-day trial.

Here are the improvements that the A3J Group developers have made to MxMobile as of March 7, 2022:


  • Added logic that will auto-route to the login page with a toast message if the LTPA or CSRF error messages occur. Previously, some users would get force logged out of the app due to a session timeout in IBM Maximo, but the mobile app would not notify the user indicating this was the cause for the force logout. Now, users will be informed how to remedy their IBM Maximo session to resolve the issue.
  • Created a “Costs” tab within the details page of a work order with basic planned and actual information
    • Page is configurable
  • Improved the labor submission feature such that fields are configurable, not hard coded. When entering labor time, user can now input a start and end time, rather than a single number of hours worked. This improves labor time accuracy for work orders.
  • Bug fix for labor time submissions: In previous version(s), if a user input labor time then pressed the “Enter” button on their keyboard to submit the record, the labor time record would be submitted twice. This issue is resolved.
  • Priority code bug fix: in previous version(s), if a priority code look-up is categorized as value “0” in the Work Order Priority field then the priority code would not register. This has been resolved in the new update.


  • Upgraded to latest version of Ionic Framework
  • Bug fix for Offline mode: If a user generates a list of items to operate MxCount in Offline mode then uses the barcode scanner feature to query an item lookup, the initial list would be superseded by the item that was scanned in. In that instance, the list of items that was generated for offline use would no longer be accessible. With this update, users are now able to create their offline list, and query their offline list using the barcode scan feature without losing access to their generated list for offline mode.


We hope that you enjoy the new updates of A3J Group’s MxMobile suite of IBM Maximo mobile apps. If you have any suggestions, feature requests or need to report a bug, please contact If you would like to be notified via email when A3J Group posts a new blog sign up in the form below.




MxMobile: Using Saved Queries with A3J Group’s Mobile Apps for IBM Maximo

As we all know, saved queries can make our workload much easier to manage when you’re having to sort through hundreds of records in Maximo.  However, have you ever created a saved query in Maximo and you weren’t able to find that query on one of A3J Group’s mobile apps?  You’re not alone, it’s happened to me too and the solution is very simple to follow.


For this example, I will use MxWork as the mobile app. In Maximo, I created a query on the Work Order Tracking application called “Environmental Group WOs” that displays all of the work orders with a person group of “ENV” and with a status of “APPR” and “INPRG”.


saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App


When I save this query and log into the MxWork mobile application and navigate to the Saved Queries list, I won’t see this query.  Why is that?  Well, the saved query has to be available in the API in order to access it from the mobile apps.  So, with the addition of Query Definitions in Maximo, we can select the query in the Object Structure for that specific application which will then allow the query to be accessible from the API.


If you open the details of the Object Structure, in this example we’re looking at MXWODETAIL, you’ll see Query Definitions listed under More Actions.  This is where you will add your query.  If you do not see your query in the lookup, you may need to make your query public by accessing View/Manage Queries and checking the box underneath Public.  Below are the three fields that are required:

  • Query Type: appclause
  • App Name: WOTRACK
  • Query Clause Name: Environmental Group WOs

asset management saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App


After I click OK and reload the Saved Queries list in MxWork, I now see the Environmental Group WOs query.  What’s also great about this solution is that the same process applies to all of A3J Group’s mobile apps!

using saved queries MxMobile IBM Maximo Mobile App

Maximo Mobile App saved queries used in MxMobile A3J Group asset management

Congratulations Alex Walter – 2018 IBM Champion!

For immediate release: February 13, 2018


Tampa, FL: Every year IBM chooses the best of the best and names them to a list of Champions.  Jumping the hurdle to become part of this group requires innovation, skill and dedication.  A3J Group is proud to announce that Alex Walter was named to the distinguished list of 2018 IBM Champions.

An IBM Champion is a thought innovator in IBM’s technical community.  IBM Champions are experts in IBM technologies, communities and solutions.  By recognizing these leaders, IBM strives to amplify the Champions’ voices and increase their sphere of influence.  An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others to help them make best use of IBM software, solutions, and services.

I am honored to be named to the list of 2018 Champions. It’s exciting to be included in this distinguished group.  And I’m looking forward to continuing our focus on innovative solutions.

 Alex, CIO, A3J Group

After fifteen years in the EAM space, A3J Group formed under Alex’s executive leadership as a traditional consulting firm but also one that pushed the boundaries.  A3J Group’s widely varied customers have helped guide the team at A3J Group when deciding on which mobile initiatives to tackle next.  Being the best means listening to your customers and providing value they didn’t even know they wanted or existed.

Alex is someone who is always looking to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide the best user experience. He constantly researches and studies everything he can so that he remains the most knowledgeable and best equipped. It’s great to be working with someone with so much knowledge who is willing to have discussions on all topics at any time.   

Kelly, Senior Analyst, A3J Group

Executives at A3J Group are excited for how 2018 has shaped up for their company roadmap. They have aggressive plans to continue attacking the mobile market based on their customer experiences and demands as well as other macro elements influencing what users want and need.

It’s exciting to think about where we are going as a company. And seeing Alex recognized as a Champion is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg.  Sharing and collaborating is the way we will grow as a company and as an industry.  Our one goal remains – provide more value than expected at all times.  If we do that, we’ve done our jobs.

Kim, President, A3J Group

About A3J Group, LLC: A3J Group is a boutique consulting firm founded in 2016 and focused on technology solutions within the EAM industry.  In specific, they are focused on all areas of work with Maximo, an asset management system, through IBM.

Please direct inquiries to: or 877-A3J-GRP4

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