MxMobile Update June 2022 Release

A3J Group is #AlwaysInnovating in order to bring state-of-the-art enhancements to the IBM Maximo community. Our 20+ years of experience in Maximo allows us to deliver end users the proper support and solutions needed to maximize efficiency. We strive to remain thought leaders in the community and we face common issues and challenges head-on. Our suite of mobile apps for IBM Maximo, MxMobile, gives users access to IBM Maximo in the palm of their hand. Our apps allow Maximo users the ability to create and edit work orders, generate meter readings, manage inventory and more.

As an IBM Maximo mobile solution provider, A3J Group consistently improves the functionality and features of MxMobile. Enriching the experience of MxMobile users is not only our passion, but necessary. Our users enjoy the freedom of Maximo mobility and are happy to report bugs and request interface features, and our team actively delivers on those requests. You can download MxMobile apps from the Apple App or Google Play store.


Here are the improvements that the A3J Group developers have made to MxMobile as of Monday, June 13, 2022:

A3J Group is happy to announce a new app has been released to the apps stores. The new app is our first iteration of the all in one app called MxMobile. This release will include the following apps:

  • MxWork
  • MxAsset
  • MxCount
  • MxReceive


We have added some additional features included in this release of MxMobile. They are the following:

  • Have more control of what offline data is pulled down prior to going out into the field.
    • Support for more offline functions included
  • Work Management, Asset Management, Receiving, Inventory counting included in this release
    • Other apps will be added in future releases, including more enhanced security controls
  • Start Center shows available app and result sets, allowing you to jump right into a given list of records.
  • Users can hyperlink between applications
    • For example, pull up a work order in MxWork and hyperlink over to the associated asset record in MxAsset


What do you need to do for this update?

  • If the MxMobile applications on your devices are set to auto update no action is needed.
  • If the MxMobile applications on your devices are set to update manually you can find the updates in the App Store or Play Store to download.

We hope that you enjoy the new updates of A3J Group’s MxMobile suite of IBM Maximo mobile apps. If you have any suggestions, feature requests or need to report a bug, please contact If you would like to be notified via email when A3J Group posts a new blog sign up in the form below.